Pic.S (Picture Search) an application that allows you to search the internet and browse online with images found, taken or stored on the hard drive. This will make it much easier, and conclusive, for example to find people you only have a picture of and for intelligence services to find people with an internet presence.

However, the software is primarily intended as a commercial tool for consumers which can help ease everyday life by allowing easy browsing on the web through pictures.

It is intended that the app should have a number of additional features like maybe enable and disable options in the search and to center and highlight elements in the image used to search.


Pic.S is an innovative product that can make internet search more accessible, faster and more user friendly.

UniPass is going to be a new unique password manager. It will allow the user through a single biometric fingerprint touch to enter the users online password protected platforms like Facebook, Gmail, and upon sucess maybe also local DK Governmental websites like Skat, with a single fingerstruck over the biometric fingerprint reader. The everyday and the everyday life of the consumer is filled with different complex setups, and things to remember, we at Online Beyond seek to accomadate that and help the everyday online users be free of concern, and help them enjoy without worry. It have come to the point that people are afraid and worried about opening new accounts and online profiles, since we tend to forget our credentials, and integrated browser password managers are very insecure and unstable.   


D2D Communication is another project we have been working on. It allows for devices to connect faster and more conveniently. Device-to-device (D2D) communication enables direct communication between nearby mobiles, an exciting and innovative feature of next-generation cellular networks. Among the new mobile features presented are: D2D signaling exchange, D2D power control, D2D mode selection, and D2D interference coordination. Which for example allows the user to locate a mobilephone very precisely, send and recievce files (movies, pictures & documents), plus stream up to ten times faster then now.

D2D Communication is ours, and we possess the exclusive rights and are the only company licenced to sell the technology patent to Danish companies, and mobilephone manufactures.

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